Enns Barn Painting Collection: Installment 2 of 5

Throughout June, Ontario Barn Preservation is pleased to bring to you barn paintings from the collection of David and Sandy Enns – enjoy!

Please note that the copyright of the paintings is held by the artists or their estates. Thank you David and Sandy for sharing these images and compiling the related information. It would be very interesting indeed to know how many of the 15 barns illustrated within this collection have survived to this day.


Hello, my name is David Enns. I started collecting the paintings back in 1987. Back then I had started my own real estate appraisal firm in 1984. Over time, I specialized in the appraisal of large commercial farm operations in Eastern Ontario. Earlier, growing up in Brampton, we had a 175 acre farm SE of Erin where my dad had converted a bank barn into a broiler barn in the early 60s. Unfortunately, that barn is now gone. I’ve always admired the skill and craftsmanship that went into building these barns that were erected without the use of modern power tools.

Near Lowville by Robert Bateman, 11.5x15.5", acrylic, 2000, location: Lowville
Near Lowville by Robert Bateman, 11.5×15.5″, acrylic, 2000, location: Lowville

Comments from Kate Brotchie, Assistant to Robert Bateman:

Our art log shows that Near Lowville was painted for the Burlington Art Centre’s auction. It was also used in the 2001 Bruce Trail Conservancy calendar. This is what Robert wrote about the painting;

            I have always loved traditional barns – they evoke a past way of life involving self-reliance and personal craftsmanship. This small barn has been neglected. It may not last much longer. The wind and the blowing snow seem to hasten its journey to oblivion. It is sad to see the disappearance of any piece of our natural heritage … especially the barns and the family farms that are connected to them.

            This is simply a barn in the neighborhood where we used to live. I used to hike all around.   We lived in the rural countryside, and I just loved this scene –  there had been a blizzard and snow had stuck to the sides of the barn – the barn was barely standing.  It may not be standing any more, because barn’s days are numbered too.

Summer Barns by James Keirstead, 12"x18", oil, 1982, location: near Harrowsmith
Summer Barns by James Keirstead, 12″x18″, oil, 1982, location: near Harrowsmith
Summer Combermere by James Keirstead, 16"x24", oil, 1983, location: near Combermere
Summer Combermere by James Keirstead, 16″x24″, oil, 1983, location: near Combermere

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