The Peace Barn

by Alycin Hayes, Echo Hill Wildlife Sanctuary.

I love old barns and wanted to share with you a few photos of my barn located on my organic farm/native wildlife sanctuary.

I enjoyed the OBP article on barn folk art.  I have attached 3 photos of my barn and the gable end folk art design in it. Our barn is located near Harrington, in Zorra Township in Oxford County. We are doing our utmost to preserve our old barn.

Our farm started paying taxes on the barn in 1880 so I presume the barn was built and finished in 1880. Someone has put a small board up behind the folk art design but you can still see the design quite clearly in my photos. The original farmers in this area were primarily Scottish. I read your article and the suggestion that they were a hex symbol designed to protect the stored crops and the barn makes the most sense to me.

I am curious to know if there are any other existing barns with hex’s on them in this part of SW Ontario. 

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