Barn Specia-List is live

Our new list is live!! But give it some time to populate!

We would like to encourage you to join our Barn Specia-List available to the public on our website for people looking for assistance with their barns. If you aren’t a contractor but know one or two, please pass on this information to them. The better our list the more barns we can save by connecting the experts with those who need help!

As you can see we get many inquires direct and many hits to our website. Barn contractors are difficult to find but Ontario Barn Preservation is quickly becoming the central hub for all things barn related. So be easier to find using our website!

We would also encourage you to share this email with colleagues in the industry and different areas of Ontario so we can provide full coverage and support to our heritage barns.

You can view this video to get some further instructions as to how to sign up, claim an existing listing, or edit your listings.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any technical difficulties.

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