Hidden Treasures

I was speaking at church with a gentleman about our organization and he shared a story from his childhood I couldn’t help but be fascinated with. ITs a story told by Paul Harvey on his radio show “the rest of the story”. Some of you may remember. I don’t but there’s no mistaking that voice! He remembered listening to Paul on the radio tell about the treasures you can find in a barn! This one is a priceless treasure! Take a listen its only a few minutes to discover the rest of the story…

Its amazing what treasure you can find in old barns. They hold treasure like old equipment. I recently discovered a turnip planter at a neighbours barn! Many have thrashing wheels, 18″ swing beam, a roof beam that spans the whole 80′ of the barn (can you imagine a tree that big!). And you don’t know what you’ll find until you go in.

Its amazing what old barns stir up in people when you get them talking. They share personal memories, they share their favorite barns, and they give tours. The last barn I went to visit he shared a story about him and his brothers playing on a rope in the barn. And the rope was attached to a pulley at the top. And one day they were playing and decided to hoist a brother up…and then what do you think happened…you got it, they left him hanging out for while, before they came to his rescue! I’m not as good of a story teller as Paul, but now you know the rest of the story!

Do you have any stories to share with us?

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